Thursday, May 30, 2013

Submitted the Kickstarter for approval last night

Just a very quick update.  I submitted the project last night for approval.  I added a couple of miniatures to the stretch goals and moved the Bodak has been moved to the 10,000 level.  So it will be a stretch goal available for $6.00 once that level is reached.


  1. How long does approval take on average? :)

    1. Are you still offer an early bird special?? How do we get access to this? Will it a be a special Pleadge Level?

  2. I can't stand earlybirds! ;) Only because I'm always asleep when kickstarters begin usually which makes it a bit of a pain for me. (I just pledged on another kickstarter, knew the day it was coming out, but as I was asleep I couldn't pledge the earlybird so couldn't take advantage of the $100 savings)