Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just a quick update.

Well things are still progressing though a little slower than I would like so I wanted to give everyone a quick update on what is going on.  First off I would like to say I am very happy that people have posted some comments on the blog and would love to see this continue!  If you want to comment on a post please feel free to do so I would like to have some interaction with you guys and really want to hear what you have to say about the sculpts that are already done as well as my future plans.

Right now I am waiting to get the Type III Demons back from Sandy.  All that is left to be done is some work on the claws to make them a little more edgy.  I should have the dwarf adventurer from Ian in the next week or so along with the four dwarf warrior blanks and some weapons blanks including five polearms.  Hopefully Jason Weibe will have the intellect devourer and derghodaemon to me in the next two weeks.  So things are progressing and once I get these all in I will open the shop.

For future releases I am planning on having the following miniatures finished around September:

Pig-Faced Orc Warriors I (4 miniatures with hand weapons)
Pig-Faced Orc Warriors II (4 miniatures with polearms)
Pig-Faced Orc Veterans I (4 miniatures with hand weapons and chain mail armor)
Pig-Faced Orc Crossbowmen (4 miniatures)
Pig-Faced Orc Death Cultists (4 miniatures)
Pig-Faced Orc Chieftain
Pig-Faced Orc Shaman
Pig-Faced Orc Subchieftain I
Pig-Faced Orc Subchieftain II
Pig-Faced Orc Standard Bearer
Pig-Faced Orc Veteran Standard Bearer
Pig-Faced Orc Musician
Ogre I (2 heads and 2 arm sets)
Spined Devils (5 miniatures)
Amon and Winter Wolf

So hopefully it all works out as planned.  Please let me know what you guys think.