Sunday, March 24, 2013

The new (well old) Ogre.....

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have acquired the rights to produce (and sell of course!) the old Otherworld Miniatures Ogre that is now out of print.  See picture below.  This guy comes with 3 different head options, 3 right hands, and 3 left hands.  Hopefully be the basis for some nice conversion work to make a complete tribe of these guys.  Don't worry the Ian Mountain ogre will still be released this summer but considering the size difference he will be relegated to being a 1/2 Ogre.

This was always one of my favorite miniatures.  I would like to thank Richard Scott for agreeing to let me take this guy off the scrap pile.  Please visit Richard's webstore at:

Richard has a lot of great miniatures and he has just released the first two sets of his player characters which are well..... characterful.  Great stuff.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Type II Demons

Ok been pretty busy over the last month.  Here are some early WIP pictures of the Type II Demons by Pedro.  Also I will be commissioning the last 3 or so pieces from Paul this month before the Kickstarter is launched.  Right now it looks like the last three pieces will be a Cambion, Graz'zt, and an homage piece to the Paladin in Hell picture from the 1st edition Players Handbook.