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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lets Talk Kickstarter

Some people have been asking about when the Demon Kickstarter will actually happen.  Bottom line up front is that I am looking at starting it between 15 and 22 May.  A couple of reasons:

1.  Perhaps most importantly I want to have some real physical product to show and not just greens.  This means I have to get master molds done and have some miniatures cast from them.  Right now my mold makers are swamped casting up stuff for conventions and the won't be able to get to my stuff until the end of April or early may.

2.  There have been a lot of big projects launched on Kickstarter in the last three months and frankly I am hoping to catch the lull afterwards.

So, what is going to be in the kickstarter?  That is a good question I am looking at the main buy in level to include:

3-6 Manes
1 Type I Demon
4 Type II Demons (all different sculpts)
2 Type III Demons (all different sculpts)
1 Type IV Demon
1 Limited Edition Paladin in Hell miniature (Kickstarter Exclusive)

Stretch Goals will include the following (and hopefully all sculpted by Paul Muller):
Graz'zt (Paul should have him completed in the next week or two)
Orcus (Paul has already agreed in principal to sculpt this)
Baphomet (Paul has already agreed in principal to sculpt this)
Demogorgon (Paul has already agreed in principal to sculpt this)
Spider Queen
Type V Demon (2 snake options with 1 upper torso and interchangeable hands)
Type VI Demon
Rutterkin (x3)
Dretch (x3)
Bar-lgura (x2)

And that will pretty much finish off the Demons.  Still a couple out there that need to get done but not many.  I will start posting more concept art as it comes in.  You can expect Demogorgon, Baphomet, Yeenoghu, Fraz'urb-luu, and the Type V Demon over the next couple of weeks.

My Paladin in Hell Homage

   This is the first Limited Edition miniature I will be releasing.  I actually am a big fan of limited edition miniatures and have been a huge collector.  This will be available only through the kickstarter.  Let me know what you guys think.
   This is a work in progress so not completed and will have a tabard on so he will look rather different than he does now.  Sculpted by the talented Paul Muller (his first knight ever so be kind) and standing at roughly 30mm tall.  He will be removable from the rock he is standing on.

Orcus concept art

   So in getting ready for the upcoming kickstarter I have decided that the stretch goals will need concept art.  People need to have some idea of what they will be getting from stretch goals and considering I don't have the cash handy to get all these demons sculpted before May I think this is a pretty good stand in.  As always I look forward to hearing comments not only about the quality of the artwork but what you think should or shouldn't be changed as the artwork turns into a sculpt.

   This piece was done by Vojislav Vasiljevic.  You can find his DeviantArt gallery at the link below:


And now for the picture.