Saturday, May 25, 2013

New Kickstarter Stretch Goals

Having commissioned Paul for the Larva Base, Dretch, and Kostchtchie I took them off the stretch goals and these along with the Type II Demons and Demogorgon will be available as add-ons right from the start of the Kickstarter.

Funding Goal is $2,500

Stretch Goals
$5,000 Stretch Goal --> Type V Demon and Abbat-Dol Warrior
$7,500 Stretch Goal --> Chasme and Nupperibo (x2)
$10,000 Stretch Goal --> Belial and Styx Devil
$12,500 Stretch Goal --> Asmodeus, Pazuzu, and Stench Cow
$15,000 Stretch Goal --> Baphomet and Bael
$17,500 Stretch Goal --> The Spider Queen
$20,000 Stretch Goal --> Type VI Demon and Handmaiden of the Spider Queen
$22,500 Stretch Goal --> Baalzebulb
$25,000 Stretch Goal --> Orcus and Lord of the Gnolls
$27,500 Stretch Goal --> Type VII Demon
$30,000 Stretch Goal --> Bearded Devils (x3)
$32,500 Stretch Goal --> Bone Devil I and Bone Devil II
$35,000 Stretch Goal --> Bhaal-Amon and his Dire Wolf
$37,500 Stretch Goal --> Hutjin
$40,000 Stretch Goal --> Nabassu and Shadow Demon
$42,500 Stretch Goal --> Mephistopheles
$45,000 Stretch Goal --> Moloch
$47,500 Stretch Goal --> Mammon
$50,000 Stretch Goal --> Ice Devil I and Ice Devil II
$52,500 Stretch Goal --> Horned Devil
$55,000 Stretch Goal --> Cambion and Rutterkin (x2)
$57,500 Stretch Goal --> Succubus and Erinyes
$60,000 Stretch Goal --> Pit Fiend
$62,500 Stretch Goal --> Molydeus
$65,000 Stretch Goal --> Thraak-ull, Simian Lord of the Farook-Thull Legions
$67,500 Stretch Goal --> Abatt-Dol on Oktokere
$70,000 Stretch Goal --> Small Abishai (x3) and Large Abishai
$72,500 Stretch Goal --> Medium Abishai (x3)
$75,000 Stretch Goal --> Bar-Lgura (x2)
$77,500 Stretch Goal --> Nightmare and Spined Devils (x3)
$80,000 Stretch Goal --> Hordlings (x3)
$82,500 Stretch Goal --> Alu-Demon and Bodak
$85,000 Stretch Goal --> Bensozia
$87,500 Stretch Goal --> Azazel, Standard Bearer of the High Lords of Hades
$90,000 Stretch Goal --> Nergal, and Dagon
$92,500 Stretch Goal --> Gargoth, Lord Marshall of the Legions of Despair
$95,000 Stretch Goal --> Astaroth
$97,500 Stretch Goal --> Cerberus and Glasya
$100,000 Stretch Goal --> Gorson
$102,500 Stretch Goal --> Arioch, The Executioner
$105,000 Stretch Goal --> Marchosias, The Wailing Lord
$107,500 Stretch Goal --> Zalagela, Queen of the Abbat-Dol and Ninn-hursagg
$110,000 Stretch Goal --> Bearded Devil on Nightmare and Babau 
$112,500 Stretch Goal --> Vuron and Uzi

Kickstarter Only Miniatures
Solomon the Puritan
Dorg the Rogue
Clavdrae, Dark Elf Priestess of the Spider Queen
Val Martigan


  1. So has it begun yet. I couldn't find it. I already want to pledge at the base level + Demogorgon!

  2. Not yet. Need to finish the video and get a couple of pieces of art finished then I will submit for approval. By the end of this week!

  3. I've made this recommendation before, but I think some of the lower CR denizens would drive more popularity if they were released earlier. Things like Babau, Bar-Lgura and Bodak are much more likely to actually be included in a game, and thus more desirable.

  4. Ok, I will move some things around and at least get the Bodak to a lower stretch level. I think I have some good ideas for a bodak. I will also get some concept art done for one and you can let me know what you think.

  5. This sounds very interesting. I also think that you can get some very dynamic poses for the Bar-Lgura. as they're basically leaping demonic orangutans. Good luck.