Monday, November 26, 2012

Ogre almost finished

Well it is almost here.  Just one more hand to finish and some misc. details and it will be finished.

Ogre with Head #1:  Helmeted Head with Chain Neck Guard

Ogre with Head #2 and Right Hand #1 Stone Axe

Ogre with Head #2 and Right Hand #2 Boulder

Ogre with Head #2 and Right Hand #3 Spiked Club

Left Hand #1 Large Femur Bone

Left Hand #2 Shield


  1. That's coming along rather nicely, isn't it? The spiked club/femur combination looks like he's just been disturbed in the middle of a rather gruesome meal...

  2. Looking good. Hopefully a pal is in the works.

  3. The plan is to do 2 more Ogres and 1 chieftain. I do have some tentative plans to add in a shaman, matron, and a guard type if they sell well. Note the shaman will not be an Ogre Mage as I also have plans for 2-3 of those sometime in the future.

  4. Maybe just a second body to use with all the extra pieces from this guy?