Monday, November 5, 2012

Glabrezu: Head 3 and New Arm Variations

Paul has finished the last head and arm variations for the Glabrezu.  Currently we have 3 head variations, 2 right hands, 2 left hands, and the spear combination.  This leaves us with 15 total possible variations for the Glabrezu.  I have plans to do a second body (maybe do a two handed option with a halberd) which will give a total of 30 different variations.

Right now Paul Muller is working on a Nalfashnee.  Hopefully, I will have some good pictures for you sometime this week.


  1. He is so cool when will we be able to purchase him and his variations?

  2. Short answer is that I am looking at release around February / March time frame.

    Long answer being that I am going to release this model, a Nalfashnee, a Vrock, and a second Glabrezu body all at the same time. Currently the plan is to have Paul Muller do them all (he is already working on the Nalfashnee). Once these are all done I am considering running a kickstarter and then releasing them all at one time (hopefully with 4 Type II Hezrou done by Pedro Navarro).

  3. That sounds like a very nice spring pack of demons, Brett! I'm looking forward to them!


  4. Is there a link where I can order this if available? Thanks.