Monday, May 21, 2012

It has been a while.........

It really has been a while but finally some more concrete news.  Latest update from my mold maker today is that he should have the production molds completed this week and actual production miniatures mailed off to me early next week.  This means I should have pre-orders up either this weekend or early next week.  Here are some pictures of the masters:



Will come with 4 puke spitting pieces (2 of each).

Intellect Devourer


Will come with 6 arms instead of just 5 (3 of each arm pose).  This will allow for a little bit of variation if you want more than one of these guys.


Right now I am looking at packaging these guys six to a set so you will get two of each.



  1. about a group shot with a 28mm fig for scale?

  2. Outstanding. Been looking fwd to Juiblex in particular.

  3. Looks great, could you provide larger picutres next time.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys. Right now these are just pictures from the mold maker. I will take bigger pictures when I get them in hand as well as adding in a 28mm miniature for scale purposes.

    The Intellect Devourer is 28mm tall and is really big.

  5. Excellent stuff, I like the Derghodeamon a lot, very strange but oddly terrifying looking creature.

    Do you have a special company working on the molds and castings? They look very professionally done, accurate to the sculpts.

  6. Jeff Rodman is doing the mold work for me. Does really good work. He was associated with Fortress Figures and Missenawa Miniatures (I think those were the names anyway). And now he is doing his own thing.

  7. Very cool. Definitely looking forward to some more/larger pics. The intellect devourer sound "huge" at 28mm, but it is supposed to be M size per the Monster Manual, so that sounds about right.

    Having some shots with a 25mm and 28mm humanoid for scale comparison would definitely be useful!


  8. Excellent. Dare I hope that those orcs will be in your store soon-ish?

  9. Rab,
    Depends what you mean by soonish. Ian has had some things to deal with that have kept him from finishing the death cultists / berserkers. He is pretty close but in this business things don't seem to go by schedule all that often. I'm assuming they will be finished this month and I will have the greens in hand.
    Once that is done I have to send them to the mold maker and my last set is still with the mold maker after almost three months. So slow and steady seems to be the word of the day!

  10. I've been looking forward to these items for quite some time. Can you provide a release date other than "at some point in the future?"

  11. What I can tell you for certain is that the molds were finished today. I have been told that I will have price quotes tomorrow. That means they should be in hand soon but I cannot realistically give you a firm date until I know that they have been cast and are in the mail (takes two days for me to get them from the caster.

    I know I am still being vague but after so many delays I don't think I should be giving out dates until I actually have product in hand. I know that is disappointing for many of you but I feel it is the responsible thing to do so I don't get your hopes up and then let you down again.... and again. Hope you guys understand.