Thursday, April 5, 2012

Finished Pig-Faced Orcs

The first three sets of Pig-Faced Orcs are now finished.  The next set, Death Cultists, should be finished in the next week or so.

Pig-Faced Orc Veterans I

 Pig-Faced Orc Warriors I

 Pig-Faced Orc Warriors II
Next month I should be able to commision the following packs of orcs:

Pig-Faced Orc Chieftain
Pig-Faced Orc Necromancer
Pig-Faced Orc Shaman
Pig-Faced Orc Bowmen
Pig-Faced Orc Warriors III (with hand weapons)
Pig-Faced Orc Warriors IV (with polearms)
Pig-Faced Orc Warriors V (with two-handed weapons)
Pig-Faced Orc Veterans II (with polearms)
Pig-Faced Orc Veterans III (with two-handed weapons)
Pig-Faced Orc Slavers


  1. Excellent - now, when will I be able to swap my beer tokens for a bunch of them?

  2. Are these still coming out? I'd be interested when they do!