Monday, June 11, 2012

Molding is complete and I have final costs of the miniatures

Ok, everything is molded and ready for production.  Pre-orders have been posted.   Expect to ship in two weeks.

Lemures (pack of 4) $11.99

Manes (pack of 3) $5.99

Manes (pack of 6) $10.99

Derghodaemon $7.99 (comes with 6 arms)

Joiblexx $15.99 (comes with 4 vomit pieces)

Mimic $11.99 (dungeon base is part of the miniature)

Intellect Devourer ($7.99)

Pre-orders will receive a 10% discount on the price listed above.


  1. Hey Brett---Any word on when you'll be casting the variants for Geryon?


  2. I am thinking I will do the Geryon variant this fall. Hopefully along with the orcs, Ogre I, and some misc devils and demons that should be done by then.