Sunday, March 24, 2013

The new (well old) Ogre.....

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have acquired the rights to produce (and sell of course!) the old Otherworld Miniatures Ogre that is now out of print.  See picture below.  This guy comes with 3 different head options, 3 right hands, and 3 left hands.  Hopefully be the basis for some nice conversion work to make a complete tribe of these guys.  Don't worry the Ian Mountain ogre will still be released this summer but considering the size difference he will be relegated to being a 1/2 Ogre.

This was always one of my favorite miniatures.  I would like to thank Richard Scott for agreeing to let me take this guy off the scrap pile.  Please visit Richard's webstore at:

Richard has a lot of great miniatures and he has just released the first two sets of his player characters which are well..... characterful.  Great stuff.


  1. Great news, Brett. I didn't pick these up the first time around, will definitely give them a whirl when you have them available! ....allan

  2. Allan,
    I always thought it was a shame they went out of print. It actually is a very cool miniature. I will post some of my painted examples later this week. I bought like 10 of them from Richard when they first came out. Lots of conversion potential. I will have some new heads done. I always thought the originals were too big and some variant legs done as well.