Saturday, January 26, 2013

Type III Demon II

Paul finished this up right at the end of 2012.  All the heads and arms from the first Type III Demon fit this one.  This leaves us with I believe 30 different possible combinations when you put together a Type III Demon.  2 bodies, 3 heads, 2 right arms, 2 left arms, and the double handed spear option.


  1. Awesome. Looking forward to the Kickstarter campaign.

  2. I'll second that! Brett: for the KS, will you have your full range available, or will you be doing only new minis as part of the KS?


  3. Right now I am looking at including the following miniatures in the kickstarter:

    6 Manes
    1 Type I Demon
    3 Type II Demons
    2 Type III Demons (both body variants)
    1 Type IV Demon
    1 Limited Edition Paladin

    That is the high end level. I will also have pledge levels where you can pick your choice of 1,2,3 and 4 of the larger miniatures. So if you want just a Type I and a Type III Demon you can pick to pledge at a much lower dollar amount. The stretch rewards which are going to hopefully include 2-3 other limited edition miniatures (looking at a Cambion, Bensozia, and something else) will be available at some of the higher pledge levels.

    And yes I will be offering the full range of miniatures at something like a 20% discount at any pledge level. Good way to save money!

  4. Brett, why did you take my money and not send my minis or bother to contact me?

  5. @wargamer1972

    I apologize for the inconvenience and miscommunication. I sent you an email a day or two before you put in your paypal dispute and it looks like you did not receive it. 100% my fault as I should have communicated with you more regularly regarding the trade.
    I asked paypal to refund your payment on Sunday or Monday. You filed your claim and then elevated it to a dispute in less than 24 hours so I was not able to respond before you elevated it. Once you elevated it you start a process in which I can no longer manually refund you and we have to wait for paypal to finish their "investigation". I don't know if you can read the note I left for paypal regarding the investigation but if you can you will see that I explained it was my fault and that they should refund you.
    If you have anymore questions or concern please contact me at one of the following email addresses: (I check this one more often) or
    Again, I apologize for inconveniencing you and please do contact me through email if you want to communicate about this.