Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Updated Pig-Faced Orcs

Just a quick update on the Pig-Faced Orcs.

Pig-Faced Orc Warriors I:  Ian has added the slotta tabs, cut the scimitar (and hand) off of pose 1 in preparation for his new scimitar, and pose 4 has his flail in place and is just waiting for a new hand.

Pig-Faced Orc Warriors II:  Coming along nicely.  It is interesting to see the progress from blank to a more finished product.  Doing things this way saves me around 50% of the cost of each miniature.  With plans for 14 sets of orcs using these blanks it will save a lot of money for other miniatures.  I have commissioned Ian for a fifth blank to add a little more variety in future releases and I am considering having him do a sixth blank.

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