Monday, June 13, 2011

Finished Dwarf Adventurer

Ian has just finished up the Dwarf Adventurer.  He will come with two heads (armored and unarmored) pictured below.

A shot of his back with all the equipment he is carrying.  Now that is a real adventurer.

A closer shot of one of the dwarf blanks with a shield.  Just to let you see some of the details on the blanks as well as what the shields for the dwarfs will look like.


  1. Wow... these are really good. At first, I didn't think I'd be interested, but seeing the greens has convinced me that I'll need to get at least the one pictured. Really top notch work!

    Every bit as good as the pig faced orcs you have in the works!

  2. Looking good! I'm still not sure about the loincloth thing but, that minor quibble aside, I think he looks _great_

    I like the shield, too - will they be available seperately?

  3. Awesome work! Where and when can these be purchased?!?

  4. Rab,
    Shields will be available in packs (probably in sets of 5 or 10). I am also considering having shields sculpted with tribal marking for the orcs and hold markings for the dwarf shields.

    I am hoping to have a website set up either the end of this month or beginning of July to take preorders. I will announce on this blog when it goes live.

  5. @Fractured -- that sounds great! Thanks!

  6. Good stuff. I'm a big fan of plain shields. I think this would maximise sales, too - I'd get some to replace missing/overly decoratd shields from OOP miniatures I've scored off Ebay.

  7. Love the dwarf...I just can't stand integrated bases.

  8. Sandy Garrity did her miniatures with bases but these will be the last ones that have integrated bases. From now on in I am going to have her do bases with little impressions for the feet with the miniature on a slotta tab (for the 28mm and smaller ones) and just free standing for larger miniatures. That way you have a base if you want and if you don't then you can still put it on your own style of base without a hassle.