Friday, March 11, 2011

Pig-Faced Orcs Greens and Test Piece

These are the beginning of a large series of Pig-Faced Orcs that will include various orc warriors, subchieftains, chieftains, tribal packs, mounted warriors, player characters, and zombies (yes I am talking about zombified Pig-Faced Orcs).  These have all been sculpted by Ian Mountain.

Test Piece

This is the first miniature I had sculpted by Ian as a test piece to see what the basic look of a Pig-Faced Orc was going to be.  We have changed a few things.  As can be seen by the head greens posted below the basic look of the face has changed slightly and we have decided that all future Orc releases will be barefoot with clawed toes as well as having ratty and torn pants.

Head Greens

Body Greens

These are the four basic poses that will be used for orc warriors, orc veterans, orc zombies, as well as some other various orcs.  I am planning on using these blanks for Hobgoblins and Ghouls too (with different heads though).

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  1. This is a great sculpt! I can't wait till these are released for purchase!